Stocksund Centre for Rooftop Astrophysics

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0.36m Main Telescope


The main instrumenent is a 0.356m,  f=3910mm Schmitt-Cassegrain (Celestron C-14AF XLT) and a 85 mm, f=600 mm APO refractor (TeleVue TV85) as guide tube.


The CCD detector is a KAF-1001 based SBIG STL-1001 Peltier cooled camera with BVRI and H-beta + H-beta continuum filters

0.24m Spectrograph


The spectrograph setup consists of a 0.24m SCT (Celestron EdgeHD 9.25) with a high resolution Littrow type spectrograph (Lhires III from Shelyak Instruments).

The spectrograph is equipped with a 2400 j/mm grating and a SXV H9 CCD detector.

Due to the small CCD chip on the present detector, this is probably the next upgrade.

Other instrumets


A 140mm, f=960mm refractor (TEC 140 apo) is used for visual observations and public outreach (i.e. the few times I can get my wife or kids to look trough an eyepiece). This instrument is lmostlöy used at the SNO - Stocksund Northern Observatory in Bruksvallarna


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About photometry...

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About spectroscopy

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Other areas

Apart from my mains iterest, I do some visual DSO and solar observations.